• ​​Counselling & psychotherapy offers  short & long term support to individuals, couples, teens and young people
  • It provides people with an opportunity to explore areas of life which may be causing them some kind of stress/anxiety or low mood.
  • Counselling & psychotherapy offers an understanding of the issues/ difficulties faced by clients and looks at skills and tools to resource them going forward.
  • The goal is to empower people  so that they feel more in control of their own individual life situation and to enable them make informed decisions / choices accordingly. 


  • Are you looking for a counselling & psychotherapy online or in the Swords area ?

  • Do you need help with stress, anxiety, bullying, depression, relationships, anger, addiction, loss, loneliness or other issues that are causing you difficulty?

  • Are you an adult, teen or young person who needs to talk and get some perspective on what is going on in your life?

  • Are you looking for clinical supervision (group) for  your client work/ practice?

  • Are you looking for some perspective on issues you have going on in your personal or work life?

  • Work in the caring profession? looking for support in your work role/practice ?  

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​​​​​​​It's not unusual to experience some kind distress in life. These difficulties can hold us back and stop us from enjoying life. They can also tell us that we need to make changes.

  • These difficulties don't have to make us feel bad forever. Therapy (counselling and psychotherapy) has been scientifically proven to improve how we deal with these challenges.

  • Taking care of our thinking is a healthy approach to life's challenges, in the same way as taking exercise or eating healthy food can make life better.

  • Sometimes ​we may feel stuck and getting  perspective  helps us move forward

Call Us:  086 860 1951

  • Call to make an appointment 086 860 1951

  • There are also early morning appointments for those who want counselling out of work hours.

  • Opening hours are:

​​      Mon to Fri: 9.15am - 6pm

      Sat:  Closed

  • Counselling and psychotherapy services are provided in a comfortable and private setting.

  • Clinical Supervision is provided in a confidential and supportive setting.

  • Confidential Online / Phone Therapy & Supervision also available 

​​​Mandy Scully Therapist 

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